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  • Amor Deb Nath, Redoan Rahman, Md. Mofijul Islam,”A Transfer Learning Appraoch for Extracting Facts to Valididate the Statement”.
  • Md.Tanvir Alam, Md. Mofijul Islam, “LEARN^2: An Interactive Guru Assisting to Learn Learning Algorithms”.
  • Md. Mofijul Islam, Amor Deb Nath, Tahsin Al Sayeed, Sadman Sakib, Jyotirmoy Nag,”d-DeVIS: A Gray Box Visual Debugging Approach for DeepSequence Learning Model”.
  • Md. Mofijul Islam, Sk. Shariful Islam Arafat, Md Shakil Hossain, S M Al-Hossain Imam, Md. Mahmudul Hasan, “PRISM: Personalized Questions Recommender System for the Expert User”.