Professional Projects

U.S Department of Agriculture(USDA) maintains several survey dataset to keep the agriculture related data which may give insgiht to researcher but fail to give meaningful insight to farmer. To resolve these issues, we developed a very easy to use Android Mobile Application, “PowAgri”, to provide a meaningful insight to both the farmer and the researcher. We used Big Data Visualization, Microsoft Azure Cloud and USDA dataset.

PickMyPack provide an easy, reliable & cheap solution for your package transport. We developed this application for Ford City Mobility Challenge and won Runner-up as well as Public Choice Award. Using this Android Mobile Application user can request to carry package who are going in the same direction. Security is also ensured using the Citizenship ID.

  • Secret Treasure

This educational Android Mobile game helps student of age 4-10 years old to learn basic math, language, words and general knowdledge. Developing this game our teams won the Runner-up in EATL National Mobile Application contest-2013.

DigForHelp helps user to get help during a emergency situation. I developed this application for Ford Moonsoon App Downpour Challenge and won Public Choice Award. Using this application user can request for a help to the surrounding users.

Pinage is the simplest location based message tagging service to notify their contacts. Using Pinage you can just simply leave your message in a particular location for your friends or contacts. When the desired person enter that area, the tagged message will automatically popped up and notify the intended user. In Pinage Android Mobile Application the message will store in the server for one day only, after that this message will be automatically deleted from the server.

Help user to get medical services. Used PHP & Mysql database for the backend and Android for the client application.

When people is in danger “Every Second count”. Also women security is the most important issue in south Asian countries. In this application people can ask quick emergency help by tap a single button in the Gear. Developed this application for “Samsung Gear App Challenge-2014” in Tizen Smart watch OS.

This application helps user to checkin place into “Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter” in a just single tap. Developed for “Samsung Gear2, Gear2 Neo and Gear neo” using Tizen OS.

This application helps the Gear smart watch user to get the travel related information easily using their smart watch, such as nearest attractive place, hotel, airport etc. User can also save place such as their hotel so that later they can easily navigate these place easily. Developed in Tizen OS.

  • VIDEO CONFERENCING APPLICATION Developed a browser based video conferencing web application using WebRTC technology and Nodejs. In this application user can make video conference with other people just a single click. Moreover user also share their screen. It does not require any third party extension or any other software installation. This application can be easily used in telemedicine field, distance education.

  • AUTOMATIC SMS ON MISSED CALL Developed an android application which can send a predefined message automatically after a miscall is dictated. This was developed for a foreign(Germany) client. This app available in google play store.

Academic Projects(Undergraduate)


  • CELL PHONE OPERATED LAND ROVER ROBOT CAR Developed a Car, which can be controlled using a cell phone from any corner of the world(If you have a GSM connection). After that you can control that car. Developed this project using Micro-controller, DTMF tone decoder, and ICs.

  • SMART HOME SECURITY SYSTEM We developed a small prototype of a smart home security system. In this security system if anyone enter the home without authentication then an alarm will start to notify the user. Developed using Micro-Controller, ICs.


  • STUDENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM To manage student information, result as well as the admission and semester courses registration. Developed this project using ASP .NET MVC, Microsoft SQL server 2008, ADO .NET, Entity Framework 4.0
  • E-COMMERCE Almost full featured E-Commerce system to developed with transaction management. Developed this project using ASP .NET MVC, Microsoft SQL server 2008, ADO .NET, Entity Framework 4.0
  • ONLINE VOTING SYSTEM Several client voting manager connect with server to cast vote. Developed using JAVA Socket programming, Oracle Database
  • LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM To automate a library inventory and booking system. Developed using MySQL Database, PHP, AJAX, JAVASCRIPT.
  • MYSTERIOUS ISLAND, FIGHTING GAME Developed this game using C/C++ and OpenGL.
  • ADVANCED TEXT EDITOR This editor has all the functionalities of normal text editor. However, this editor can compile source code written in C, C++, JAVA, C#.